Basically markets are very dynamic in nature. There is no tailor made strategy that fits for all. You need to   learn and  analyze  the  strategy  and apply  whatever fits for   the moment.   You need to consider a broad range of information to determine which strategy will best suit for the market for the moment. This is where the  importance of   knowing how to do trading is used. Trading  if done  correctly can be a very good source of regular income.

Description Duration Sessions
Basic Course on Stock Market 3 hours 1
Advance Course on Technical Analysis 3 hours 4
Basic Course on Derivatives 3 hours 1
Strategies on Derivatives 3 hours 3


  • What Are Charts? – How charts are formed, and price scaling.
  • Support and Resistance – What support and resistance are, How to take
    benefits from support and resistance
  • Introduction to Candlesticks – An overview of candlesticks
    Candlesticks and Support – How candlestick chart patterns can mark
    support levels..
  • To read Bullish & Bearish Japanese Candlesticks – Engulfing
    Bullish-Bearish, Doji, hammers, hanging man etc
  • Trend Lines – What are trend lines, angles, and more.
  • Introduction to Chart Patterns – A brief review of what are chart patterns
    Chart Patterns – Common chart patterns, Continuation & Reversal Pattern
  • Oscillator & Indicator – Stochastic, RSI, MACD
  • Theory of Moving Averages –Simple, Exponential, Weighted.
  • Concept Of Stop-Loss : Stop loss techniques for capital protection and
    trailing stop loss for profit protection, Averaging and finally Formulating a winning system
  • Risk Management – Stop loss, trailing stop loss& RR ratio
  • Cash Management-